MIX1602FP4343 is specially customized to monitor random parts from the bulk production. Manual testing is done without any effort with very short period of time. Universal X-Ray cabinet to provide a maximum flexibility for inspection of small and medium sized parts. We make it very cost effective, especially for small businesses.

MIX1403FPD0505 is made for 100% inspection system. With the help of PLC based manipulator system, inspection become easier. Rotary table and Linear guideways increase the speed of inspection. Operator can easily perform measuring and inspection himself. Provide with special set of fixtures to reduce loading unloading time.

MIXFPD225 is the new evolution of the century in non-destructive testing technology, X-ray real-time imaging detection technology has entered the practical application field of industrial product detection. With the help of automation based manipulator system, increase the speed of production. High resolution image with image processing, inspection become easier. Easy loading and unloading of flexible size parts makes machine universal.

MIX1803FP3636 is specially customized for small parts inspection. Conveyor system is added in the machine for repetitive production. Image filters gives us more clarity to find out defects. Zero effort for loading and unloading. Teach your product to machine and machine will recognize the defects itself.

MIX140FPD0505 is the smallest x-ray machine in industrial non-destructive testing technology. Real-time imaging detection x-ray technology reduce the speed of inspection. Sharp imaging with measuring tool included in the system. User friendly application do not need highly technical person to run the software. Flexibility to check parts with any shape.