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Completely indigenously developed High Frequency x-ray generator used for Industrial application. Right now we are the only one in India who are producing this type of generators.

Technical Specifications

Description 80KV 140KV 180KV
KV range
40 - 80KV
60 - 140KV
60 - 180KV
mA range
0.4 - 1.2mA
0.4 - 1.2mA
0.4 - 1.2mA
Duty cycle
X-ray tube Glass tube Be filter Glass tube Be filter Glass tube Be filter
Focal spot
0.8 mm x 0.8mm
0.8mm x 0.8mm
0.8mm x 0.8mm
Beam angle
1. Over voltage, 2. Over current, 3. Thermal 1. Over voltage, 2. Over current, 3. Thermal 1. Over voltage, 2. Over current, 3. Thermal
Trigger mode
External / Internal
External / Internal
External / Internal


Technical Specifications

450 kV X-Ray Source
Maximum Voltage 450 kV
Focus Dual Focus
Focal Spot Size 0.5 x 0.5 mm
0.8 x 0.8 mm
Current ≥ 1.0 mA at maximum Kv
Mode of Operation (optional)
Constant Power Mode & Constant Current Mode
HV Cables 15 meters
Cooling System Oil Cooled (Oil is cooled by closed loop water chilling system)
Temp Warning
System provides with safety alarm for temperature. If temperature goes beyond the rated value the system will be tripped automatically
Power Requirement The source work on 1ф / 3 ф, 220/ 440V 50 Hz.
Safety Features
The system will have personal and equipment safety features as following
(a) Door Closure switches
(b) Radiation ON indication by glowing of lamp
(c) Emergency OFF
(d) Radiation leakage monitoring system (Secondary Dosimeter) at control room
X-Ray Field Size 400 x 400 mm at 1 meter ( minimum)
Leakage Radiation
Less than 5 mSv/h at 1 meter at full load
Collimator Motorized movement of four jaws system for asymmetric as well as symmetric beam limiting from 0 x 0 mm to full field size at 1 meter
Flat Panel Based Digital Imaging System
Operational Energy Range 20 keV - 450 keV X-Ray Radiation
Receptor Type Amorphous Silicon
Conversion screen CsI Crystal
Pixel Area (Active) 40 x 40 cm
Pixel pitch 140 μm
Limiting Resolution 3.0 Ip/mm or better
A/D conversion 16 bits or better
Power Supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz

MIX Series X-ray inspection system is a rugged, yet sophisticated inspection tool suitable for both production as well as failure analysis and lab environments. This system was particularly designed for classical non-destructive testing (NDT) requirements, and is suitable for the inspection of aluminium castings, welding of carbon steel and stainless steel tubes, inspection of assembled parts, inspection of electrical moulds, etc.

General Information
System consists of mechanical components (Cabinet & Manipulator) Radiological components, Detector components, Monitoring components, console for object movement and x-ray control.

X Ray Cabinet
Standard X-ray cabinets are provided with lead shielding appropriate to power of x-ray system installed.
Cabinets are equipped with manual sliding doors for loading and unloading job.
Doors have interlock system to protect x-ray leakage.
Door is fitted with an x-ray resistance lead glass window to direct view of object while inspection.
Cabinet has warning lamp for X-ray ON.

Cabinet is provided with customized manipulator system as per specific application and size of objects.

Main axis of Manipulator are
1. Right / Left movements (X)
2. Up / Down movement (Y)
3. To / Fro movement (Z)
4. Rotation movement (ω)
5. Tilt (Ø)
All movements are controlled by joysticks on console.

X-Ray Systems
X-Ray units used are from MSG series operating at high frequency. Depending on power requirement either mono-block or unipolar x-ray housing are used. For mono-block TEC is used for cooling and for unipolar x-ray tubes water cooling system is used to guarantee 100% duty cycle.

Control Units
Features are as follows
1. Mode of operation
2. Automatic pre heating function
3. Manual KV, mA adjustment
4. X-ray ON / OFF
5. Emergency OFF
6. Manipulator movements control

Image Processing Software
Features are as follows
1. Image management system
2. Brightness / Contrast adjustment
3. Zoom / Pan
4. Magnifying glass
5. Vertical / Horizontal flip
6. Negative (invert)
7. Pseudo color
8. Crop
9. Annotation
10 . Angular rotation
11. Length measurement

Technical Specifications

Description MIX160FP MIX225FP
Working Range
40– 160 KV
40-225 KV
mA Range
1 – 5 mA
1 – 13 mA
Generator Type
Focus 0.8 mm 0.4 mm
Focal Spot
0.8 mm x 0.8mm
0.8mm x 0.8mm
Detector Type
Flat Panel Flat Panel
Maximum Thickness of Inspection AL : 50 mm
Fe : 16 mm
AL : 100 mm
Fe : 35 mm
Cooling System
Water Cooling

Automobile X-Ray Images

Al Casting Inspection
Air Filter Inspection
Oil Filter Inspection

Door Lock Switches Assembly Inspection

Door Lock Switches Assembly Inspection

Electronic Component X Ray Images

Plastic Molded PCB Inspection
Plastic Electronics Toys Inspection
Ceramic Fuse Inspection
Bomb Fuse Inspection

Switch Gear Assembly Inspection